A Shared Outcomes Framework for Whānau

The development of the paper has been overseen by Professor Sir Mason Durie and Dr Te Kani Kingi. It has also been informed by consultations with Government, academic and non-Government stakeholders in New Zealand and internationally.

In short, the shared outcomes framework is:

  • a whānau centred outcomes framework – for Māori, by Māori, with Māori;
  • a framework that (unlike others) can work across all government and non-government sectors alike; and
  • an innovative and timely initiative that will consolidate best outcomes for whānau within Aotearoa

Te Pou Matakana Outcomes Framework

Te Pou Matakana aims to drive better outcomes for whānau across the North Island by adopting a ‘commissioning for outcomes’ approach. It is anticipated that this approach will lead to the collaborative and innovative behaviours needed to achieve the best outcomes for whānau.

Our Outcomes Framework is a set of tools and processes that enable us to collect the data needed:

  • To prove that TPM is having the impact it intends to have; and
  • To improve its outcomes for whānau

Te Pou Matakana Outcomes Roadmap

Te Pou Matakana achieves outcomes for whānau by commissioning three main programmes – Kaiārahi, Whānau Direct and Collective Impact.

The Te Pou Matakana Outcomes Roadmap is an operational document that outlines a set of practical steps that Te Pou Matakana can take to refine and improve its Outcomes Framework over time FY 16/17.