Te Pou Matakana has been a National Whānau Ora Lead Agency, advocating to shape and determine outcomes indicative of whanau success. It seeks to establish itself as an example of best practice in commissioning for outcomes and impact.

Through this publication, TPM introduces the Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework, as an innovative approach to measure impact in the Whanau Ora space.

Information Note


SROI helps to measure the wider value created by activities of an organisation for the whanau.

  • It brings us even closer to communities and whanau so that we can gain a clearer understanding of what changes whanau value most.
  • SROI is more than just a number – instead, it has the potential for providers of Whanau Ora services to narrate their stories of change and impact more comprehensively and foster relationships with the whanau and other partners.