Annual Report 2017 - 18

The 2017/18 Annual Report not only reflects the year’s progress and achievements of Te Pou Matakana, but it also shows how effective our 80 Whānau Ora Partners are in working with whānau to realise whānau success and wellbeing.

Overall this year’s report shows a strengthening of Whānau Ora both in our approach to commissioning and in Whānau Ora practice. Ongoing refinements to our Collective Impact programme and our commissioning model ensured initiatives are fit for purpose and allow maximum impact for whānau. While Whānau Ora practice continues to grow stronger through our Whānau Ora Accreditation, developed with our Partners and recently endorsed by Social Value International. As well as our workforce development, which saw forty-five Kaiārahi ready to graduate with a Diploma in Whānau Ora.

Te Pou Matakana moves into the next financial year on a solid foundation, purpose, and determination to support the success of whānau to realise their aspirations for the future.

Annual Report 2016 - 17

In our third year, Te Pou Matakana has continued to grow from strength to strength as we support and respond to whānau and our Whānau Ora partners. It is important that we continuously evaluate and enrich our commissioning activities in order to offer whānau the best support we can and to be responsive and forward looking.

We want to acknowledge our Whānau Ora partners and Kaiārahi who continue to assist whānau throughout Te Ika a Māui. We now have over 80 Whānau Ora partners as part of our network serving our communities and whānau.

We have released an Annual Report each year since our founding. For our previous Annual Reports, please contact us via email