Te Pou Matakana Commissioning for Outcomes

Our purpose is to work alongside Whānau Ora Partners to build on the strengths and assets of whānau and Māori communities.  We do this by:

  • Commissioning kaupapa to support whānau to achieve their aspirations
  • Working with Whānau Ora Partners to deliver services that address whānau needs and build capacity
  • Seeking co-investment, co-design and co-production opportunities from partners to support whānau.

Commissioning Approach

Our model for commissioning has measuring outcomes for whānau at the heart of its’ activities.  This commissioning for outcomes approach enables us to work collaboratively both with Whānau Ora partners and whānau to maximise outcomes for whānau.

Our commissioning approach funds Whānau Ora practice not services.  Our approach is innovative, permissive not prescriptive.  We must be agile to scale up what is working and respond quickly.  Therefore this is a transformational model.

We have developed a Whānau Ora policy agreed by Whānau Ora partners, the Whānau Ora Partnership Group, two Crown Ministers, Te Puni Kokiri and three government agencies.  Our Whānau Ora policy consists of out Outcomes Framework and Outcomes Roadmap and provides a set of tools and processes to enable us to:

  • Prove we are having the impact we intend to have
  • Improve outcomes for whānau.

Investment Approach

It is important that we are transparent in relation to our funding approach and how the funding is distributed into the regions.

The model for allocation of Whānau Ora commissioning funds is based on the distribution of the Māori descent population by Māori electoral regions, using Census 2013 data.