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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Te Pou Matakana?

Te Pou Matakana is responsible for commissioning initiatives that will drive North Island whānau health and well-being by building on the strengths and assets of whānau and Māori communities. TPM will achieve this through Commissioning, Whānau Direct and Co-investment.

Where did the name Te Pou Matakana come from?

Traditionally, Te Pou Matakana was the sentinel tower that watched over the Māori pā. Everything from visitors to information passed through the sentinel tower. Once received, the sentinels interpreted the situation and distributed the right information and instruction to everyone in the pā – whānau, iwi and hapū. TPM will take on that role for whānau – ensuring that new and innovative ways of delivering the best outcomes for whānau are always being sought.

What is the role of the TPM Board? Is it purely a governance board or does it make funding decisions?

The Te Pou Matakana board is responsible for all governance matters for Te Pou Matakana. Responsibility for operational matters rests with the management team.

What is commissioning and how will it work?

Te Pou Matakana believes that no single Provider, agency, institution or profession, acting alone, can generate the required success for whānau. Te Pou Matakana’s intention is to help drive a common agenda for Funders and Providers, across multiple sectors, to drive Collective Impact for Whānau.

Who do I contact if I am a Provider in the South Island or a Pasifika Provider?

If you are a Provider in the South Island, then please contact the South Island Commissioning Agency, Te Putahitanga o Te Waipounamu.
If you are a Pasifika Provider, then please contact the Pasifika Commissioning Agency, Pasifika Futures.

Who do I contact if my whānau needs assistance?

If you and your whānau would like some help or want to find out more about Whānau Ora in your area, then please contact your local provider.

Our role in the Whānau Ora chain

We play an important role in the Whānau Ora value chain.  We are not just an agency that receives and distributes government funding.  We advocate upstream for policy change that will benefit whānau (e.g. Developing a whole-of-government shared outcomes framework, or new co-investment opportunities).

We also actively engage downstream with contracted Whānau Ora partners or providers.  We do this by providing funding and capacity building support to help them achieve positive outcomes for whānau in their communities (e.g. Holding outcomes workshops and co-designing programmes).

It is important to note, that while whānau are at the centre of our commissioning approach, many of the outcomes they achieve are delivered by our partners or providers, or through other community agencies (for example when Kaiārahi make referrals).

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